Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I walked a long way in the cold today. Vermont is cold but there isn't as much walking in the cold as there is here. My knees both almost gave out when I tried to jog across a street. My roommate assures me this is normal when it's effing cold. In other knee news I bumped my knee really hard on the back of a seat on the el. Apparently, knees bruise.

Oh...and I got locked out of my apartment for a few tense minutes. Luckily my roommates got home early and were inside. The sucky part was coming out of the cold and being so relieved, then climbing 46 stairs only to find out that the door KNOB was locked in addition to the deadbolt. No one has a key to the knob. I went around back, up another 3 floors, and verified that I have no key for that door. Back down and around to the front and back up 46 steps to wait for someone to come home or call me back, and upon receipt of call I found out they were inside. :) But really...I was pretty miserable when I thought I'd just have to wait.

N.P. Concrete Blonde - "When I was a Fool"

And now for sleeping.

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