Sunday, November 06, 2005

Magic Box

My mom found my long-lost camera today in a random box we took out of storage to transfer into the U-Haul. Now I don't have to worry that it fell into evil hands. Sadly, the charger is in another box as are all other wires pertaining to the camera's usefulness so any pics I take on the drive will have to be taken with what little time remains on the battery. Oh my, a paltry 33 minutes. I will have to choose wisely.

The U-Haul is 1/2 full and I only have to put in what came into the house. I think it will all fit. I will Tetris it all in.

Reading: "Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk" by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain. Status: must hurry so I can give it back to my brother.
also reading: "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. Status: lost in a box. I'm sure I'll appreciate the added weight of that hard cover monster when I'm going up to the 3rd floor to my new place. The fun should begin Tuesday!

I probably won't get to write for a couple days, so Happy Birthday to O.S.


Dae Fenris said...

Lol, "tetris" it in. That is awesome! Hope things go smooth for the move. Have fun climbing all those stairs :\

Happy Birthday to her indeed!

Skweakx said...

hehe i DO like Babylon 5!!! That and My So-Called Life are my 2 favorite shows (of course, dependent on the day I might have to throw in Star Trek:TNG or Xena seasons 1-3 or Frasier or THe West Wing or Mad About You, but NORMALLY it's B5 and MSCL ALL THE WAY! Nope, not wishy-washy at all. :-)

Skweakx said...

I have the MSCL DVDs - awesome to watch them over and over. But they're not available in stores anymore, at least not near me, so you have to get them off ebay or something. LAME. I never much got into Crusade (I think I kind of stopped watching B5 seriously after Lochley took over) - but I have heard good things. And there's never enough JMS in the world!! How'd you get pics with the cast of Crusade?? I wish I had pics with the cast of B5!!! Espec. Ivanova. she always seemed so kickass.